About the Organizers

David Skews

David is a businessman called to mission. He is a regular conference speaker for professionals, sharing his experience of the reality of being a follower of Jesus engaged in business. He is currently non-executive director of several BAM companies and follows 35 start-ups.

Mark Plummer

Mark is the director of “BAM Training” and has been a consultant for more than a decade. During this period, he has developed his network and trained individuals from countries around the world.

Mark and David have been working together for more than 10 years to develop BAM conferences and training. The BAM Conference is an initiative of BAM Training, which hosts courses and conferences serving the growing number of individuals, companies, churches, organizations, and networks active in the Business as Mission movement around the world. We have been directly involved with BAM Conferences since 2003 when we were part of a team that hosted 180 people at an international conference on BAM in Thailand. Since then we have lead conferences in Thailand, Romania, and the USA, most recently in Silicon Valley in October 2019 with over 450 delegates.

Our motivation

Live Christ’s call and follow Him in business.

Our inspiration

Companies producing spiritual, economic, social, and environmental transformation in communities around world.

Our commitment

To bring together the best of real business and real missions.

Business as Mission is part of a broader movement of Kingdom Businesses or Business for Transformation. We are proud to work alongside many other organizations dedicated to furthering the gospel through profitable business ventures among unreached people groups.

Past Sponsors and Partners

BAM Training hosts courses and conferences serving a growing number of individuals, companies, churches, organizations and networks active in the business as mission movement around the world. In partnership with the Business as Mission Resource Team, we create and curate content that affirms the calling of business professionals and equips them as they integrate their faith into their everyday work. For more information, visit bamtraining.org

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