Speakers & Topics

BAM Conference Plenary Speakers 2018

Shane Claiborne

Speaker, Activist, best-selling Author

Michelle Pride

Founder and President, Hazel & Deene



CEO, Olive Technology, Inc

JoAnn Flett

MBA Director, Social Impact, Eastern University

Mats Tunehag

Chairman, BAM Global

Dwight Nordstrom

Chairman, PRI

Bill Job

President, Polygon Composite

David Batstone

Investor, Entrepreneur & Founder, Just Business, REBBL, and Not For Sale

James & Lucy Wood

David Skews

CEO, Turn the Coin

Courtney Roundtree Mills

Executive Director, Sinapis Group

Grace John-Kurian

Senior Director, NextEra Energy Resources

Grant Skeldon

Founder, Initiative Network

Mike Baer

BAM Pioneer and Author

Pete Ochs

Chairman, Capital III & Enterprise Stewardship

Bruce McKinnon

Founder, Mission Brand

Main Session Topics

Irresistible Jesus Economics – Shane Claiborne

The Holy Call of Business – Mike Baer

Biblical Foundations for Business – Mike Baer

Lessons Learned from 30+ Years of Blood, Sweat & BAM! – Bill Job

10 Lessons from Accelerating 1000 African Entrepreneurs – Courtney Mills

Trends in BAM: A Global Perspective – Mats Tunehag

The BAM Movement: Where is God Taking Us? – Mats Tunehag & David Batstone

Bringing Freedom Through Business – Michelle Pride

Doing Business Globally – Joseph Vijayam

Building Large BAM Companies – Dwight Nordstrom

Just What is a Good Brand? – Bruce McKinnon

Business and Human Trafficking: From Prevention to Transformation – David Batstone

The Business of the Church: Working for Shalom – JoAnn Flett

Disrupting Modern Slavery Through Business – James & Lucy Wood

Missional Millennials: Building an Army Instead of an Audience – Grant Skeldon

Transforming Enterprises: The Purpose of Business – Pete Ochs


All Your BAM Questions Answered – Expert Panel

Networking Evening


Worship and Prayer


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Breakout Session Topics

Breakout Session 1: Friday 21st, 1:30-2:30pm

Investing in Frontier and Emerging Markets: How Not to Lose Your Shirt – Ray Barreth

Building Company Governance and Accountability – Mike Baer

Nurturing a Profitable and Spiritually-focused Company – Bill Job

Coffee Industry Track – Dave Price (facilitator)

Best Practices for Mission Agencies – Mats Tunehag (facilitator)

BAM Curriculum, Research and Opportunities in Academia – Mick Bates (facilitator)

Breakout Session 2: Friday 21st, 2:40-3:40pm

Ethical Supply Chains: The Part We Can All Play – James & Lucy Wood

Economics and Creating Wealth – Shane Claiborne

A Woman of Excellence: Women’s Panel – Grace John-Kurian (facilitator)

Starting Over from Scratch – David Skews

Branding Workshop – Bruce McKinnon

Following Your God-given BAM Vision – David Stone

Breakout Session 3: Saturday 22nd, 1:30-2:30pm

Innovate like Google – Mark Tiderman

Social Enterprise – JoAnn Flett

Doing BAM in a non-BAM Environment – David Batstone

Scaling Manufacturing Companies – Dwight Nordstrom

Investing for Kingdom Impact: Deployment or Risk Avoidance – Don Simmons

Speaking to Millennials – Grant Skeldon

Breakout Session 4: Saturday 22nd, 2:40-3:40pm

Enterprise Stewardship – Pete Ochs

Leading Millennials from the Heart – Grant Skeldon

7 Hallmarks of a Kingdom Business – Courtney Mills

Consulting and Coaching to BAM Companies – Larry Sharp & Robert Bush

Branding Workshop (repeat) – Bruce McKinnon

Leading Multi-location Companies – Joseph Vijayam


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